UTM Automation for Linkedin Ads

Enforce accurate tagging across ad accounts to ensure rich & consistent data in your analytics tools.

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Stop the manual, repetitive, and risky paid ads tagging.

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Setup UTM automation in minutes

Connect ad account

Securely integrate your ad account with AutoUTM

Set tagging rules

Use our best-practice tracking template or customize your own

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Watch as UTMs magically appear on every one of your ads

Set tagging rules with dynamic UTMs

Use dynamic parameters in your custom tracking templates.

Eliminate data inconsistencies

By eliminating manual entry, we remove the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

Enrich your analytics

Unlock the full power of your data by tagging every possible detail of your ads.

Multiple tracking templates

Use a unique tracking template for each ad account

Avoid optimizing to wrong data

Ensure that all traffic is correctly tagged and attributed

Works while you sleep

AutoUTM monitors your accounts 24/7 for untagged ads and automatically edits them with correct UTMs

Only pay for what you need

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Why marketing professionals rely on AutoUTM

You asked, we answered

Can I automate UTMs on Google or Facebook?

Currently, only LinkedIn Ads is supported. More paid ad platforms are coming soon, along with new and improved UTM solutions and features.

Can I use different tracking templates?

Yes. You can create as many tracking templates as you like and assign each one to a separate ad account. 

What if I already use UTM automation?

If you’re already using a different tool (i.e. Hubspot), simply turn it off and then turn on AutoUTM.

Why do I need to tag ads with UTMs?

By adding UTM tags to your website URLs, you can track precisely where your traffic is coming from and see how users interact with your site after clicking on your ads. This information is crucial for making better data-driven decisions and optimizing your strategy for maximum results.

Which types of LinkedIn ads do you support?

AutoUTM currently supports the following ad formats: Single image ads, Video ads, Text ads, and Spotlight ads.