Ensure rich & consistent data with UTM automation for LinkedIn Ads

Automate your UTM tagging process to avoid human errors and save time, once and for all.

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"As a B2B marketing agency operating many LinkedIn ad accounts, we used to spend countless hours manually tagging ads with UTMs, and still had inconsistencies in our analytics data. AutoUTM stopped this madness."​

Yaniv Gerber

Founder and CEO @ Pentex.io

Prevent Errors

Free from human flaws

A single incorrect tag can lead to 1000s of untrackable clicks. By using AutoUTM, you prevent common mistakes and save time.

Forgetting to add UTMs
Copy & pasting mistakes
Turning on mis-tagged ads
Inconsistent UTMs
Dynamic URL Parameters

Finally, dynamic URL parameters for LinkedIn Ads

Facebook got {{campaign.name}}, so we created the same for LinkedIn. When setting your tagging rules, you can choose an AutoUTM dynamic parameter from our repository.

Save Time

Setup in minutes, automate forever

No need for technical expertise, just plug & play.

Easy integration for as many ad accounts as you need

Use our best-practice or customize your own tracking template

Turn on automatic tagging to enjoy rich & consistent data

Data Consistency

Force consistent UTMs to everyone

By using AutoUTM, you eliminate the need to manually tag ads with UTMs. Start enjoying clean, consistent, and reliable analytics data from the second you turn it on.

Tracking Template

Enrich your analytics with data

Squeeze the maximum available data by using tried-and-true tracking template, used by global marketing experts and brands. Customize it as you wish.

Minimize Risk

Prevent unwanted ads from being tagged

By default, AutoUTM only tags draft, in review, and active ads – but you still have the option to tag turned off ads as well.

Accurate Attribution

Get credit for all of your traffic

Are you an affiliate or a marketing agency? Make sure 100% of the traffic you generate is being tagged and attributed correctly.

The System

AutoUTM works for you 24/7

AutoUTM runs every 15 minutes to avoid sending ads back to review. It will read all your ad account to find any untagged ads, and will edit the ad final URL, which is a hidden field inside Linkedin API.


Simple & predictable pricing plans

Start with a 7-day free trial, then pay per ad account, everything else already included.

UTM freedom is one click away

Over 3,000,000 ads worldwide are being automated by AutoUTM

No developers, integrations or long IT projects required.

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Frequently asked questions

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Currently only LinkedIn Ads is supported. More coming soon.

As long as it is in the same workspace, all connected ad accounts from the same platform will use the same tracking template you saved. 

In order to optimize your paid campaigns, you need to know how your ads did, revenue-wise. UTMs allow you to send information to your website with every click on your ads.

We currently support the following ad formats: Single image ads, Video ads, Text ads, and Spotlight ads.