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Make Better Marketing Decisions

Tracking & analytics for B2B startups and companies

Executive Summary:

  1. We are 4 childhood friends that co-founded a $1M ARR advertising agency in Israel.
  2. While engaging and mastering paid advertising, we created technologies to problems that costs tons of money to our clients.
  3. We found an emerging market with young startups that we can beat and get the largest share.
  4. We’ve invested all of our agency’s revenue into what we believe can be the next Appsflyer for the marketing industry.
  5. Beta version is getting released on June 23, and we expect 50+ paying customer on official launch before any additional marketing.
  6. We are looking to raise $500K that will last 18 months with the goal of $1M ARR before raising the next round.
The Team

Entrepreneurs & marketing experts

Liran Galizyan


Liad Gez


Matan Gaash


Guy Tubul


The Problem

What is the problem we are solving?

To reach the maximum potential of paid ads you need to sync marketing and sales.

AppsFlyer -> Apps

LeadOS -> Websites

Lack Of Knowledge
Lack of Budget
Lack of Support
The Solution

LeadOS App

An integration platform, sending and receiving data, in order to measure and improve the impact of paid ads.

  • Control spend & results
  • Insights to improve ROI
  • Feed ad platforms with data
The Customer

Who has this problem?

Service or product companies with offline sales pipeline that buy paid traffic for lead generation.

Education, legal, health & beauty, tech, insurance, finance, real estate.

Step 1/6 Finance

Business Opportunity

The problem we are solving is big, therefore we are taking it by smaller steps. First step is to solve the manual UTM tagging problem, which will be our hook for market penetration. Then we layer the rest of the solutions to solve the big problem for less technical teams and bigger LTV.

Prediction: CAC $200 | LTV $1620 | ROI 8.1x.

The Status

Where we are now

Years of engaging with the industry are turning into a SaaS product.

After 5 months of research and 3 months of development

We expect over 50 paying customers on launch from waitlist

We have a vast network of pro advertisers to work with us and push thid product

Let's Talk

Want to hear more?

Liran Galizyan, CEO & Co-founder, [email protected]+972 52 8074878